For every project I can talk about, there are two projects hidden behind confidentiality agreements. I'll list some of the more interesting achievements I've had over the last 13 years and if you'd like a more detailed list, feel free to contact me.

Publisher Relations

Negotiated several developer/publisher agreements ranging from $200,000 - $5M in funding (from small indie publishers to AAA)


Negotiated platform rights on all 3 major consoles and several major digital distributors


Successfully launched a game's kickstarter campaign with over $1.2M in funding (over a $500K initial goal)

Talent Wrangler

Hired and directly managed teams of artists, designers and engineers (both remote and on-site teams ranging in size from 4 to 20 staff)

Game On

Co-founder, Global Game Jam

International Traveler

I'm an American currently based in Los Angeles, and I've worked out of offices in the US, Western Europe, China, Taiwan and Singapore. I only speak English, but I can do a mean google translate and I'm used to working with people from all different time zones