Finding a publisher can be a daunting task that requires significant endurance and an unshakable faith in your product.  My goal is to save you as much time and emotional energy as possible.

01. Define

I first dive into your goals and needs, and ultimately we review which types of publishers would be the best fit for your team.  We don’t need to waste our time on publishers who have no interest or experience in what we need!

02. Build

Once we nail down our publisher demographic, we can build pitch materials that clearly define who you are as a team (or individual), what you’re making for a product, how that product has value to a publisher, and what you need from the publisher to make it all happen.

03. Connect

Once pitch materials are ready I can help connect you to those publishers.  I can be as involved as you’d prefer – leading meetings as a team member or making introductions and letting you take the wheel or somewhere in between.  I can also coach you on what to say during pitch meetings (and how to say it).  Face-to-face meetings are great opportunities to show publishers your best stuff!

04. Communicate

Having a great pitch meeting is simply step one of getting you into the door.  I can also help navigate the post-meeting communication.  Most publishers will require several phone calls, face-to-face visits, follow-up materials and legal document reviews before a deal is signed.  I have signed deals in as little as 3 weeks, but I’ve also had to court a publisher for 8 months before they said ‘yes’.

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