Working with outsourcing contractors (companies or individuals) can add great benefit to your product, but when mismanaged it can lead to missed deadlines and disastrous financial waste. Finding the right partners and effectively communicating your needs is paramount to growing successful partnerships.

01. Define

We can look at what areas you need help in and discuss if outsourcing is the right move.  We will make decisions on whether to hire internal staff (full time, part time, or contract) or an external team (co-development, contract).

02. Build

Once we have an idea on what types of help we’d like to find, we can build design document materials that clearly define what you’re making for a product and what you need – exactly – from the outsourced to succeed.  Style guides, quality expectations, product comparisons, concept art, functional tests and design documentation are all part of the materials needed to gain accurate quotes.

03. Connect

Once all materials are ready and we know what type of outside help we want to find, I can help connect you.  I have worked with many of the world’s best outsourcing companies, whether you’re looking for character art, mocap animation, UI/UX art, design services, network/AI/gameplay engineering, or something else entirely, I know people who can help at all kinds of budget tiers.

I can also guide you through how to build a pipeline with outsourcing teams to achieve the best results.

04. Communicate

Looking for a partner?  A specific engineer?  Don’t need a full outsourcing team?  No problem.  I worked for over 11 years as a modder and indie developer before moving into AAA development.  My network of peers includes entry level, executive/senior level, and everything in between.  Many of whom I’ve personally worked with in the past and can vouch for their quality and integrity.

Let's find you some talent.

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