Game marketing can be handled in numerous ways. From influencer representation to crowdfunding platforms, building a brand takes serious time and effort.  I can help maximize returns for your time invested.

01. Define

We can evaluate your product and demographic to establish what types of marketing will work best.  If you’re trying to grow your brand or are interested in crowdfunding – the decisions don’t stop with “let’s do it”.  I’ve worked on successful (‘goal exceeded’) crowdfunding campaigns with funding goals between $20K and $2M.

02. Build

Whether you’re marketing or crowdfunding, you’ll need to build a social platform that leads people to your game.  Blending the Reddits and Twitters of the world alongside your own website, Discord channel, and any distribution or crowdfunding platforms is an art form that we can perfect together.

03. Connect

I can easily walk you through the first steps in marketing your product, but I’m not an expert in the field.  I can help you get started and when you’re ready to expand, I can recommend you to a wide network of marketing agencies and/or individual social media experts to take your platforms to the next level.

04. Communicate

Is your current marketing plan not working out, or did your crowdfunding efforts not meet their funding goal?  We can discuss ways to pivot and grow.

Let's get you out there.

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