Distribution of games is a constantly evolving industry sector.  Timed exclusives, region exclusives, market share competitions, new hardware offerings, multi-platform support….the list of opportunities can be daunting.  There’s a lot more you can do than simply throwing your game on Steam and hoping the algorithms bless you.

01. Define

We can look at which platforms and regions your products are best suited.  Price, target demographic, release window, game engine, game genre and art style are just some of the metrics we’ll use to narrow down the platforms that will give you the most bang for your buck.

02. Build

Once we have an idea on what platforms we’d like to approach, we can build pitch materials that clearly define who you are as a team (or individual), what you’re making for a product, and how you will add value to the distributor.

03. Connect

Once all pitch materials are ready and we know which distributors we want to approach, I can help connect you.  I can be as involved as you’d prefer – leading meetings as a team member or making introductions and letting you take the wheel or somewhere in between.  I can also coach you on what to say during pitch meetings (and how to say it). Face-to-face meetings are great opportunities to show publishers your best stuff!

04. Communicate

Most distributors expect to create deals that are more complex than “release on X date, pay us Y royalty per unit sold.”  It will be important for you to know how and when to present yourself to distributors to maximize potential opportunities.  Seasonal sales, competing release windows, bundle deals, new hardware platforms, and more can dramatically affect the sales of your game.  And of course, there’s always the visibility struggle.  Negotiating front-page access can sometimes get down into the nitty gritty in order to get what you want.

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