Let's work together

Zach is my go-to when I need to prep for important meetings or an external set of eyes on our business strategy. He's experienced, calm, optimistic and realistic - a fantastic combination that always leads to productive conversations.

Chris HagaCEO

Zach dedicates himself to the success of every team he works with. His extensive knowledge of the game industry and his expert communication skills allow Zach to deftly navigate game development and marketing hurdles in creative ways. His hands-on approach keeps him actively engaged in all areas of a project, from art and audio to design and engineering. Any team would be lucky to have Zach working alongside them.

Jesse StevensArtist / Illustrator

I was employed under Zach for 2.5 years. Working for him is more like working alongside him. His technical knowledge and abilities allow him to make sure every step of development is a smooth process.

Daniel MullinsGame Designer & Software Developer

I've had the pleasure of working with Zach on multiple projects, including Depth and WarmGun. His work ethic, knowledge of Game Design and, ability to construct a strong team while building morale in his workers has proven that he is a natural leader and producer by example.

Jaret IllingworthLead Level Designer, Treyarch

Zach is great, he has a great propensity to learn from both guys below him and above him. We worked on two console projects together, during both of which the guy knocked it out of the park.His energy, ability to collaborate and his vision are all great. He ships projects.

Kevin DentVideo Game Executive | CEO, Tizwaz Entertainment

Zach is clearly dialed in to the game developer community - his ability to interact with the game developers at the highest levels has opened the door for StreamTV's content portfolio. He is not afraid to voice his opinion and can back up opinions with real data.

Leo RileyVP, Sales Executive